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The Search for Alternative Energy Part 4 – Municipal Waste

So far, we’ve seen that the search for alternative energy to feed into the national electricity grid includes wind, solar, and geothermal sources.  Thus far, this search for alternative energy sources in St. Lucia has also included waste-to-energy explorations, albeit more recently. 

LUCELEC’s Search for Alternative Energy, Part 2 - Solar

LUCELEC’s search for alternative energy sources has always included solar technology. As the technology matured and costs come down, LUCELEC began to explore solar energy for electricity production from the perspective of small grid–tied photovoltaic systems, rather than a large scale solar power plant.

Improving Reliability - Distribution Automation

LUCELEC is constantly working on improving system reliability.  Reliability, simply put, is fewer and shorter power outages for customers.   This is a central plank of the Company’s mandate.  It is an objective that has been pursued relentlessly over the years, employing several strategies, and always with an aim of keeping the cost of electricity to customers as low as possible.  The latest strategy in this effort is distribution automation.

Payment of Electricity Bills

LUCELEC customers have several options with respect to making their bill payments. Most people pay in full upon receipt of their bills. People who are unable to make a full, one-time payment however, may pay in instalments throughout the month. Advance payments are also welcome, especially if customers expect to be out of the island around the time payment becomes due.

Energy Conservation At Home


The reduction of energy usage and minimising wastage can go a long way in helping to control expenditure on electricity.

The application of energy conservation practices is far easier than you think and generally does not require making drastic changes.  Small changes in habits can have a cumulative impact on the amount of energy you use.