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Generation Expansion - Meeting the Demand for Electricity


Meeting the demand for electricity is a fundamental part of LUCELEC’s mandate.  In fact, the Electricity Supply Act (ESA) requires that LUCELEC not only maintain enough generating capacity to meet the peak demand for electricity, but also to maintain sufficient spare or excess capacity to service that peak demand even with two of its largest engines out (for maintenance or repair).  So from time to time, as peak demand increases, LUCELEC must put in additional generating capacity.

Tariff Comparison Study


It is not uncommon to hear customers lament about what they’re paying for electricity.  But the fact is St. Lucia’s electricity rates are still among the lowest in the Caribbean.  This is borne out by the results of CARILEC’s 2010 Tariff Study.

LUCELEC’s Scholarship Programme - A Catalyst for Social and Economic Development

It’s that time of year again!  Common Entrance Examination results have been released.  And although through Universal Secondary Education all students taking the exam should get into a secondary school, there is a lot of excitement and anxiety about the results as students, and their parents, agonise over whether they had made it to their school of first choice. 

Electrical Safety During the Hurricane Season

The 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season is here and predictions are for another active season.  In today’s column we highlight some of the things to be aware of to ensure electrical safety during the hurricane season.


Tree Trimming

A relatively simple, but critical, component of LUCELEC’s efforts at improving reliability of the electrical system is vegetation management or tree trimming.  Trees making contact with energized power lines (especially those comprising bare conductor such as the 66kV lines) can be hazardous, can affect the quality of the supply, and can lead to interruptions. Keeping trees clear of power lines is, therefore, very important and LUCELEC has an extensive programme in place to do that.