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LUCELEC’s Fuel Price Hedging Programme

LUCELEC began a fuel price hedging programme in June 2009 in a move aimed at stabilising the price that the Company pays for fuel and thereby reduce the volatility of the price of electricity to its customers.  Today’s column explains what this programme involves, the reasons behind it, and the impact on customers and their electricity bills.

What is Fuel Price Hedging?

Getting Back On Track- Handling Arrears

The relationship LUCECLEC has with customers is based on mutual responsibility. LUCELEC has a responsibility to ensure that we provide a service that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective, and our customers have a responsibility to pay their bills on time.

Relocating Poles and Seeking Compensation for Damaged Appliances

A customer wishing to have an electric pole on their property relocated may take one of a number of steps. The simplest is to call LUCELEC’s Customer Service Department at 457-4400 or visit any of the Company’s locations at Sans Souci, Vieux Fort, Soufriere or in the Providence Commercial Centre at Rodney Bay. One may also write a letter addressed to the Managing Director.

Trouble Call Service

We’re back!  And we wish all our readers, all our customers, the very best for 2011.  During this year we will continue to provide you, through this column, all the information you will need to make the most of the service we provide.  This first of our weekly columns for 2011 discusses LUCELEC’s Trouble Call Service.